Institute of Information and Communication Technology

(An Innovation and Vocational Enterprise Institution)

Value of Certificates

Vocational enterprise Institutions (VEI's) and Innovation Enterprise Institutions (IEI's) are education institutions recently approved by the Federal Ministry of Education to provide a veritable alternative route to higher education.

They are designed to offer vocational,technical, technology and professional training at post-basic and tertiary levels, with a view to meet the increasing demand for technical manpower by the various sectors of the economy.

VEI's and IEI's offer both part-time and full-time education leading to the award of the National Vocational Certificate (NVC) and the National Innovation Diploma (NID).

  • The National Vocational Certificate (NVC)

The NVC can be used to gain admission into a National Diploma (ND) or a National Innovation Diploma (NID) programme.

  • The National Innovation Diploma (NID)

The NID can be used to gain admission into a Higher National Diploma (HND) programme.

Details can be found on the NBTE website