(An Innovation and Vocational Enterprise Institution)

Vocational enterprise Institutions (VEI's) and Innovation Enterprise Institutions (IEI's) are education institutions recently approved by the Federal Ministry of Education to provide a veritable alternative route to higher education.

They are designed to offer vocational,technical, technology and professional training at post-basic and tertiary levels, with a view to meet the increasing demand for technical manpower by the various sectors of the economy.

VEI's and IEI's offer both part-time and full-time education leading to the award of the National Vocational Certificate (NVC) and the National Innovation Diploma (NID).

  • The National Vocational Certificate (NVC)

The NVC can be used to gain admission into a National Diploma (ND) or a National Innovation Diploma (NID) programme.

  • The National Innovation Diploma (NID)

The NID can be used to gain admission into a Higher National Diploma (HND) programme.

Details can be found on the NBTE website http://www.nbte.gov.ng/apply.html